Girls Rule…Or Do They?

Oh, Olena and Gretchen…what a weekend!

IMAGE Olena and Gretchen

They are so cute. But they are trouble! BEWARE!!

While Theo was having a rough time, these two were ruling the roost and, well, let’s just say THIS MOM could not wait for vacation to be over.And, really, it was four days long!I think sometimes we just get so bored with each other, and we try to stir things up, so we take the attitude of, “well, she doesn’t like (insert gross thing here) so I think I will go ahead and do it. And when she says No, I’ll keep doing it.”

This weekend, Gretchen was insistent on licking Olena’s foot. Just because she could. So, she tried very hard to do so.

Olena said, and I quote, “sladkga;ksdvnaweinrg;kajbsdivadkjbgvalbv¬†NOOOOOOOOOOO!” or something like that. She was screaming so loud the first part of what she said was inaudible.

Gretchen was not successful. But I told Olena to lighten up, and then I licked her on the foot. She didn’t even notice.

Then, there was Gretchen. On Sunday night something just clicked off and she spinned into a whirlwind, yelling at everyone in sight.

I just kept repeating “we do not yell. we do not yell in this house.” but it was of no use.

So she threw a fit. Said “Mom, you are mean. That’s not nice. You are so naughty. Mean mean!”

And then she proceeded to throw toilet paper all over the floor (we were getting ready to take a bath).

Now, I kept pretty cool but it was tough. She needed a bath after playing in the snow earlier in the day, so I just cleaned her up as quick as possible, told her to get her PJs on, and then to go upstairs to bed.

Well, what was I thinking?! She proceeded to scream she didn’t want to go upstairs. She didn’t want to be alone. And a ton more inaudible stuff.

It was bad. But, looking back at it, it was pretty funny.

What, really, was the TP all over the floor supposed to do?!

Well, her teacher did say she was thankful for her sense of humor.

Uh-hu, me too :-D… now that she’s asleep!

Until next time…


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