Feeling Christmassy

It was a record.


Ready to be shocked? Well, I still can’t believe it…

IMAGE the girls and our tree!

The tree is up!

THE. Tree. IS. Up AND decorated!!

Now, we usually wait a bit to get the tree up and get our Christmas decorations out partly because we are too busy to think about it. And we have to keep the tree up until January (my family celebrates Ukrainian Christmas, Jan 6 and 7).

It’s a small faux tree, but it’s perfect for our house.

The girls did most of the handiwork (the bottom boughs are full) and I just added more at the top, make sure the lights were on, and added some ribbon. And it’s gorgeous.

Along the way we had to move some items we had stored in our pantry, just to get to the Christmas lights… and I discovered Theo’s keyboard from Christmas last year. This thing is awesome… but we had to eventually hide it from him because he would get too frustrated by it…for some reason or another. It was either too loud, not loud enough, too many buttons, not enough buttons… or the girls were playing with it and crowding him. Never could figure out why. But, like magic, we rediscovered it…

Sitting on the couch together, with the glow of the tree behind us, Olena busily played with the microphone while Theo manned the keyboard, buttons, and special FXs. And after a few minutes, I heard his sister singing Theo’s Christmas wish list.

I took video, and posted it on my FB page, but she sang about how Theodore wouldn’t say it, but that he really likes playing the piano and that he thinks about it all the time.

Right about at that point, she realized she was being “videoed” and she stopped singing. That, and well, Gretchen was dancing around by her side, being a total goofball.

It was a cute, tender moment…and something I did not expect.

That Theodore, he has such wonderful sisters. He is a very lucky boy.


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