It’s the Little Things

Day in, day out… we never know what kind of day we’re going to have.

Think about how different it would be for you if you were having an off day AND were non-verbal, and you couldn’t say what’s wrong.

We’ve had a few days like that recently with Theodore.

Up and down, and more down….

The note from the teacher to watch him because he was “lethargic” or “heightened” or “uncooperative” (and this is coming from the staff who are trained to deal with ASD kids).

I just wish I could change things for Theo sometimes. I would drop everything and do the same for Gretchen and Olena if they needed me too…but they can at least tell me what’s wrong.

Sometimes it’s very difficult to get through the days when you get those notes, and you know your kid isn’t quite himself, but not showing any signs of distress or discomfort.

And then something happens that puts it all into perspective.

Last night, as we readied for bed, after Theo had all his medicines and we settled into his room to read a bedtime story, I placed my hand in his tent as he was settling down…

While reading to the girlies, I realized that he put his head in my hand, and proceeded to fall asleep.

(He did the same thing tonight and I caught Miss Olena actually stroking his hair as he slept: Lucky boy! Great sister!!)

That little action, that tender moment, puts it all into the right place. I may not be able to step in and magically make things better, but being there next to my kiddos…somehow made it OK. It provided Theo some comfort after a very long, busy day.

It also gave me the little bit of encouragement that every parent needs now and then. He didn’t have to say “thanks mom, I love you.” He showed me in his own way how he felt at that moment…and then he felt comfortable enough to drift off to sleep.

And no amount of words could replace that little, tender moment between a mom and her son. And tonight, between a mom, her son, and her caring daughters. Those are the moments we have to collect… and cherish.

Until next time…


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