Hottest Ticket in Town

I’ve been to plenty of concerts and the anticipation for this one was no different. I was going to see my favorite performers and I was nervous!

Pulling up to the venue I noticed that parking for the 1 p.m. concert was at a premium. Crowds were gathering…all walks of life, kids big and small, all vying for the best seat in the house. Men carrying roses. Women carrying cameras.

What on earth could bring a community together on a Tuesday after lunch?

We were all there to catch a glimpse of the first-ever performance: The Canastota Kindergarten Class Christmas Concert.

I managed to get in to the auditorium 15 minutes before the curtain parted. I certainly thought I’d get a great seat. What was I thinking! This concert included ALL the Kindergarten kids (minus Theodore). I managed to find 2 seats right in the middle, in row J. Families behind me, in front of me, to the left and right of me…

(But I was lucky. Rob, who was just a few minutes late, had to sit in the back…)

Before the kiddos took to the stage, their music director, staff and principal, all busied themselves with last-minute details.

IMAGE: Olena and Gretchen, green and red, during the concert.

My little rock stars, Olena and Gretchen, Canastota Kindergarten Concert.

And the lights then flickered, then dimmed…some housekeeping messages were delivered and important instructions given, and the red velvet curtain parted revealing the teeny-tiny rock stars all sitting in a row. I didn’t get  a head count, but there must have been at least 80 kids.(Where did all these kids come from? Oh, wait, I am responsible for 2.)

The music slowly started, and the families waved, yelled, cheered…

(And families were reminded of the house rules…they couldn’t start until the audience settled down.)

Music filled the room again. The miniature chorus opened the show with the kid Christmas classic, “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.”

Me, being the proud mama I am, of course, cried. (Man I have to toughen up!) Anyhow…both girls were very serious but Olena soon loosened up. She was relaxed enough that toward the end of her set her glitter garland halo slipped over her eyes! Gretchen did not relax, and all her hand movements seemed very robotic. Her brown eyes popping with every song.

But both girls did very well. (That’s my girls!!)

Highlight of the half-hour set, which saw the loss of a child or two and one very sad angel from the front row, included a song about decorating the Christmas tree.

Miss Olena had to hang a bell on the tree. Miss Gretchen some lights. Olena did great but Gretchen, who had to walk to the left of the stage to do her part, kept on walking. She then turned to go the other way, then turned to the left, then hid behind the tree a moment…and then walked back to the side of the stage. She then proceeded to walk right by the aisle she was sitting in. Good think Mrs. Ossinski was looking out for the little girl.

All in all it was an outstanding production. It’s very intimidating to be on stage. And just imagine the distraction of looking out at that crowded auditorium — and then seeing your folks! Or your grandparents, aunts and uncles, siblings…

When the event was over, the curtains remained open so parents could get a better picture. I had to fight my way through, throw some elbows, get in there to get my girls.

I managed to get a few closer pics, but then the moment was over. The curtain had closed,

It was a must-see event. A one-afternoon-only hot ticket. The biggest ticket in Canastota! And I couldn’t be prouder of how well my girls did.



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