Posted in January 2013

One Hour Delay

Funny how one change…can set everything off. After freezing rain moved into the area late at night, and the temperatures dipped below freezing, the school district decided to delay opening by one hour. Do you realize how much this sets all of us off?! 1. Since the girls move like lightning in the morning (not) … Continue reading

He said HELLO

Quick post from this mama: and it’s about another little boy who rides the bus with Theodore. He is a handsome little thing and most days you’d never even know he was theres aside from his saying an enthusiastic “Theo” when my boy gets on the bus. Today, was a first for me and Theo’s … Continue reading

Those Eyes: An Update

So Olena has recovered quite nicely from eye surgery…except for one tiny thing. She is ALLERGIC to the eye drops. And not her eyes. Let me explain. We were to administer drops in the eye that had surgery four times a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and then before bed. We did fine Tuesday night, minus the … Continue reading

Lazy Eyes — Runs in the Family

My mom had it done when she was about 19 years old. My grandmother, apparently, sat in the hospital room crying, convinced that my mom would go blind. I had it done when I was in kindergarten. I remember being in the hospital for maybe three days or so. I remember waking up and seeing … Continue reading

My Beautiful Date

Malanka: Ukrainian New Year’s! Growing up in Utica my hometown parish would celebrate the New Year in January, after Ukrainian Christmas (which is celebrated on Jan. 6 and 7). Malanka was a feast for the senses… big roast beef dinners, all the grape (or orange) NEHI you could drink, dancing and party hats, balloon drop, and … Continue reading

Better than the Meteorologist

Not sure if I have mentioned this before but Theodore has become quite the weather prognosticator. We noticed it late this summer, early fall… anytime a storm would come barreling through, Theodore would run from window to window, or try to run outside on the porch, jumping up and down — just a bit off. … Continue reading

What the Heck Just Happened?

So, earlier today I posted this on my twitter page: “While dad plays hockey…we will eat breakfast 4 dinner, play W. those ponies & mix some tunes! #Friday #mylittlepony #triplethappyhour” I envisioned we’d have omelets and French toast while dad was out on the ice (he hates eggs). Then we’d play with our growing collection … Continue reading

Paperwork, Paperwork

The one thing people don’t tell new parents, especially those who have to spend time in the NICU, is your kid will have loads of paperwork. My children spent an average of 3 months in the NICU at Crouse Hospital in Syracuse. Because of this, they qualified for Social Security benefits. As if the day-to-day treatments … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday — Halfsies!

Ok, some words… In case you are keeping track (which you are not), today is my half birthday. woopie! After everything we have been through with our kiddos, we make it a point to celebrate their half-birthdays, which fall in September. We mark the occasion, appropriately, by having half moons. So…this one is mine. ALL … Continue reading

Celebrate My Gretchie!

Short and sweet post my friends. Since she’s tested so well and made vast improvements since September, I am very happy to report that Gretchen will no longer be needing Physical Therapy! She’s no longer a 504 kiddo. I am incredibly proud of how hard she worked and is working. She never let her small … Continue reading