What the Heck Just Happened?

So, earlier today I posted this on my twitter page:

“While dad plays hockey…we will eat breakfast 4 dinner, play W. those ponies & mix some tunes! #Friday #mylittlepony #triplethappyhour

I envisioned we’d have omelets and French toast while dad was out on the ice (he hates eggs). Then we’d play with our growing collection of My Little Ponies while Theodore, having already had his favorite ASD foods, would be busy playing with his Vtech keyboard.

Theo jamming...VTech Kidijamz. He LOVES it.

Theo jamming with his Vtech Kidijamz studio. Loves it.

It was a vision straight out of a Pinterest post.Well, it didn’t happen that way.It went, instead, a little like this:

5 p.m. Girls complained about wanting to play more with their friends at daycare while Theo was already waiting for them in the van. Had to convince them to get moving before Theo got too cold (or hangry). They agreed when I said I was making breakfast for dinner. Hooray, score 1 point for mommy.

5:20 p.m. Make Theo his favorite pasta. Help him eat. Then proceed to help him get (and consume) 4 servings — FOUR — of Yo Baby Blueberry Yogurt. Dinner success. 1 point for Theodore.

5:40 p.m. Text from dad to see how it’s going. I reply things are going well. That we’re going to have brunch and that the girls are getting dressed up for it. 1 point each for each girl.

5:40:02 p.m. Girls start fighting about what outfit to wear. Both decide to wear their Tinkerbell and Silvermist outfits but WITHOUT the wings, although Gretchen ends up carrying them around in her hands. -1 point for both girls for arguing.

Just Keep Repeating


5:45 p.m. Girls take argument into my bedroom where I am half undressed like some classic WWE scene from back in the day, minus the folding chair. I ask them to go outside into the hallway while I change. They just stare at my legs. *Really?!* -1 point for girls. -1 point for me for not closing the bedroom door.5:50 p.m. Brunch is being assembled. French Toast soaking. Gathering items for omelets. Ask Gretchen what kind of eggs she wants (yellow or no yellow?). No reply. I ask again. She screams back WHAT?! I then ask her to come to the kitchen to tell me how she wants her eggs. She just says “scrambled.”After I make an eye roll, I make omelets anyway — with just a touch of yellow. -1 point for both of us.

Between 5:50 and 6 p.m. Argument between the girls on whether it’s actually breakfast for dinner that we’re having or brunch. I think Olena called Gretchen “dumb” but I didn’t really hear what she actually said, and neither did Gretchen. I hang my head. -1 point for each girl for fighting over semantics.

6:05 p.m. Omelets, ham, French Toast is on the table. Olena takes 2 pieces of French Toast, refuses other foods. Gretchen has a screaming fit about how she doesn’t like French Toast and all she really wanted was pancakes but, yes, she’ll take eggs. And I mean screaming. 1 point for Olena. -2 for Gretchen. I just sit down to eat.

6:07 p.m. After eating most of her French Toast, Gretchen decides she really doesn’t like it after all and would rather just have a serving of, and I quote, “powdered sugar that looks like snow.” I tell her I can do that. She screams at me again. -1 Gretchen.

6:07 p.m. Olena says it’s the best French Toast she ever had… yes, +1 point; then proceeds to tell me she doesn’t like the bread. Hu? -1 point.

6:10 p.m. Olena finishes her French Toast. Grabs another slice. Gretchen pushes food around plate. Eats half her omelet. Leaves table. No points for this.

6:20 p.m. I clean up. Do dishes. Hunt down Theo and encourage him to come back downstairs. For the moment, all is quiet. Points all around. Even for Theo.

I finish cleaning by 7 p.m. after a few interruptions.

7 p.m. We are all sitting on the couch. ALL OF US. Just hanging out. Girls playing with their Leapsters. Theo watching me on the Ipad. My mom calls. She talks to Gretchie for a bit. +1 point for everyone. I hang up, and tell the girls they have about 20 more minutes before we have to put the Leapsters away and get ready for bed.

7:19 p.m. Olena cannot get her game to work the way she wants it to. Starts slamming stylus on the Leapster and yelling at it, kicking her feet. I calmly ask for it and put it away. I ask her to put her PJs on. -1 for Olena. +1 for me for being incredibly calm.

7:19:02 p.m. Gretchen gets off the couch, gets her PJs together, runs to the bathroom to change for bed. Olena catches on, runs to get her PJs, then proceeds to basically hunt Gretchen down because Olena said, and I quote, “I was supposed to be FIRST not HER.” She runs to the bathroom door, banging on said door for Gretchen to get off the potty because she was supposed to be first. Bangs on door. Begs to be let in. -10 points Olena.

7:19:05 p.m. I am right behind Olena. I grab her arm and told her to stop treating Gretchen like that. I lose it. (Olena was being a bully.) I escort Olena upstairs to go potty. I told her she should not wait that long to go. I also told her that she needs to stop picking on Gretchen. I reminded her that we actually have a second bathroom. I was livid but totally WT*. NO points. Extra no points for thinking about having a drink after this encounter (which I didn’t do because it would just be too much work).

7:20 p.m. Olena proceeds to scream about being upstairs by herself. Gretchen is crying about who knows what. I am almost in tears. Theodore is laughing. +1 for Theodore. (BTW Theodore is very empathetic. Extremely sensitive. He does not like it when dad or I yell. And he is the first to pick up on when things aren’t right or if I am not feeling well. However, he has a tendency to laugh at his sisters meltdowns as of late. Go figure.)

7:30 p.m. I distributed meds and M&Ms to bribe both girls to sit at the table quietly. It worked. I’m still fuming though at Olena’s behavior. I guess =1 points for the girls. Really I know this was silly of me to do, but it kept them quiet, and it was rewarding them for fighting… but getting them quiet was all I needed at that point.


Matching triplet socks is very hard work.

7:40 p.m. I fold clothes while the girls start up another argument about, oh who knows, nuclear physics, the gun debate, vanilla or chocolate ice cream?! I blocked the whole thing out. NO points.8 p.m. Finally it’s bedtime. Take everyone upstairs. Then realize the girls have left their clothes lying wherever they were when they started the last argument. Told both to pick up their things. +1 for Theo (for going upstairs to his bed) and to me for making them pick things up.8:10 p.m. Read stories. Explain to Olena why I got mad and I apologized to her for losing my cool, but told her she really has to stop picking on her sister.

8:20 p.m. Get Theo settled in and zip up his tent. Give him goodnight kisses. Clearly, he’s tonight’s big winner.

8:30 p.m. Get both girls settled as well. Tell them to sleep in since tomorrow is Saturday. Finally I get some time to myself.

So, there you have it. I totally nailed that Pinterest “brunch for dinner” idea, no?!

I gotta go upstairs and kiss those stubborn girls one more time before I call it a night.

Until next time friends…


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