Better than the Meteorologist

Not sure if I have mentioned this before but Theodore has become quite the weather prognosticator. We noticed it late this summer, early fall… anytime a storm would come barreling through, Theodore would run from window to window, or try to run outside on the porch, jumping up and down — just a bit off. He wasn’t doing anything bad, but he was agitated and would only settle down after the storm would start, or leave the area.

(Um, when the storm left the area, not Theo.)

IMAGE Theo checking the side porch.

Theo taking a time out.

This kid is in tune to the earth. I’m convinced! If he could only put words to what he’s feeling.Well, we had such a day yesterday. Temperatures had dipped and the wind picked up…and it picked Theo up with it!

I’m not even sure what time he got up but as soon as I heard him rocking along in his bed tent, and woke up enough to notice the howling winds, I knew we’d be in for a very, very long day.

And we were.

Again, he didn’t do anything terrible, but he was in to everything and biting everything and either really happy or sad.

Darn atmosphere messing with my kid again.

Now we just have to figure out how to harness his power for good.

He had a much better day today. But now that it’s getting colder, it could make for a challenging couple of days.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Better than the Meteorologist

  1. That’s so interesting, Lexi. Theo is tuned into so many fascinating things. I love the photo – you can tell he’s deep in thought. I wish we could all see into his world – we would learn so much! I hope the coming frigid temperatures don’t upset him too much. I’ll be thinking about him 🙂

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