He said HELLO

Quick post from this mama: and it’s about another little boy who rides the bus with Theodore.

He is a handsome little thing and most days you’d never even know he was theres aside from his saying an enthusiastic “Theo” when my boy gets on the bus.

Today, was a first for me and Theo’s bus mate… he said, and I quote, “Hi Theo’s (long awkward pause) mom!”

Now, I’ve said hi to him before and he never said a word. IN fact I never even saw him… until one day when I was home with both girls (they missed the bus) and they wanted to help Theo get on his bus and see his bus driver and aide.

That day Theo’s bus mate stood up to see just who was getting on with Theo. Must have been confusing…(and loud) all those women! He smiled at them, but didn’t say a word. And that’s OK.

Today, I got my welcome from Adam*. What a great way to start a chilly morning.

I finally got Adam’s approval 🙂

Until next time…


* = Adam is not his real name but it’s a heck of a lot less cumbersome than repeating bus mate over and over again!


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