Those Eyes: An Update

So Olena has recovered quite nicely from eye surgery…except for one tiny thing.

She is ALLERGIC to the eye drops. And not her eyes. Let me explain.

We were to administer drops in the eye that had surgery four times a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and then before bed. We did fine Tuesday night, minus the *ahem * weak stomach (poor Olena). ON Wednesday she had her follow-up with her surgeon and did excellent. So well that we were given the go-ahead to step back on the drops to three times a day.

Thursday, while she was cleared to go back to school, she wasn’t ready. She was complaining of discomfort. She was also complaining of her skin being itchy.

She continued to complain, and itch, but didn’t seem too uncomfortable. I figured the itchiness was due to the bitter sub-zero temperatures and the heat running constantly. You know how itchy skin can get in the winter. I, the outstanding mom that I am, pushed it aside.

Friday morning, after finally convincing Olena to try to go to school (she did). She sat down at the breakfast table, and started cry-screaming: “MY skin is ITCHY!!”

“No, Olena, it’s just dry from the heat running constantly.”

I stroll over and pull back her shirt….and

GASP! Her back was COVERED in welts. What the WHAT?!

I tried not to overreact… but then again, I don’t play poker for a reason. I asked Rob to take a look and he gasped too. I asked her to go into the bathroom and she had welts on her torso, on her back, and on the back of her knees.

How the heck could eye drops cause your skin to freak out when the eye the drops went in was fine?! Thinking quickly I slathered her with Benadryl lotion and — almost immediately — her skin calmed way down.

So I sent her to school.

A call to Dr. Noel’s office and they said that, yes, in fact, she could have a reaction to the PRED-G. It’s yet another medication we have to add to our allergy list.

Next step was giving her the Benadryl liquid for allergies (which she resisted…I almost took her dose instead. Right? IF you’re not going to take it, I may as well. Kidding. I have my own…)

By Sunday night, after another night of Benadryl, itchy’s skin was back to normal.

That’s Olena for you…it’s always something.

Until next time…


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