One Hour Delay

Funny how one change…can set everything off.

After freezing rain moved into the area late at night, and the temperatures dipped below freezing, the school district decided to delay opening by one hour.

Do you realize how much this sets all of us off?!

1. Since the girls move like lightning in the morning (not) I decided to withhold the fact that school was delayed. If I told them the news, or shared right away, they would have never gotten dressed.

IMAGE Snow gear explosion!

boots, hats, mittens…and who knows what else…by the door.

2. We remained on schedule, of course, until after the girls did decide to put on their snow suits, on time.

3. Both then confessed the didn’t like to do nothing while they waited. Caught Olena trying to smuggle toys into her backpack. I told her no. She rolled her one good eye and the red eye just sort of looked at me.

4. We decided to go outside to check out what sounded like rain, when we realized it was ice falling off everything. Gretchen begged to go out in it. I said, and I quote, “don’t get wet.”

5. Theo, who remained in his PJs as he does every morning (until the last-minute), was going nuts with all of us going in and out of the front door. He wanted to go out too…even in his Christmas PJs.

6. The sound of snow shovel on ice is not pleasant. It’s really unpleasant when you have autism.

7. Theo’s Vtech Kiddijamz goes waaay above “11.”

8. I had two cups of coffee this morning. 2. Hello pounding heart….wooooohooooo!

9. Nothing ruins a good hair day more than shoveling an ice path for princess 1 and 2.

10. Watching Gretchen crunch the snow fully dressed in her snowpants, pretending to be Godzilla, is hysterical.

11. Olena does not understand why she cannot wear mittens she wore last year even though they are too small for her hands. (Bottom line: She does not want Gretchen to wear them!)

12. Gretchen has no idea that said mittens should be worn with the “grip” side in the palm and the snowflake design on top of the hand.

13. Shoveling an ice path is a good idea…but only if your kids use it. (Insert crunchy snow sounds here.)

14. Theo did NOT like the bus coming late. (But certainly loved the warmer weather and the fact that he could rock in the rocking chair on the porch. Sweet.)

The rest of the day went fine, and dinner was on time for Theo. However, the scheduled hair appointment did not go a planned. By then, Theo’s dominoes, so to speak, had all fallen. The past two visits went excellent at the salon. Tonight, not so much. I believe it was that little delay, that one little change that triggered so many other changes, that set Theo off.

But good to know that our hair dresser Mary (of House of Style) worked through Theo’s rocking… he was really struggling. So she started the haircut in back…and then gave him time to relax in the massage chair…and then did the rest of his hair while he sat on my lap.

Oh, and by the way, the girls were just as tired.

As was/is this mom.

Until next time…


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