Posted in April 2013

1000 Ausome Things: No. 1 is…

… Walking around like you don’t have a care in the world! Have you ever just gone out for a walk and along the way start skipping, or twirling, or giggling? I have. At 40 years old I, in fact, just did ALL of that tonight! And it was wonderful. Why? Because that’s what my … Continue reading

April Is Almost Over, but…

In two days the world will focus its attention on something else as Autism Awareness (Acceptance) month will come to an end. In our house, we are not as lucky. We cannot just turn a page and be done with it. And, boy, was today a reminder of how hard it can be to have … Continue reading

NUMBERS numbers…

Drop everything and pay attention to the following important numbers. Go ahead, I’ll wait… Thanks. Here goes…. High temperature┬áright now: 48 degrees Time I started this post: 10:16 p.m. My age: Shut your mouth ­čśë Kidding. 40 although for some reason I always tell people I’m 27. I have to bump that number up a … Continue reading

Great Little Moments

These kids are getting bigger every day. Every time I turn around they look different, they act different, they’re reading (well, the girls are) and Theo is making great strides. Then there are days when you think: who are these kids and why are they tormenting me so. And as a mom you start saying … Continue reading

For Boston

I just want to say that my heart and thoughts go out tonight to you Boston. We run for many reasons. I certainly run for my kids, to show them how strong I am. I run to prove to myself that I am strong, that I am capable, that I AM alive and able to … Continue reading

My Better Half

Autism parents, all parents, listen… you need to take care of yourselves. My husband and I had gotten into the parental rut of shuttling kids back and forth to where they needed to be, work, home, speeding through errands because the kids always demanded something. Doctors. The endless doctor visits. And then I had the … Continue reading

World Autism Awareness Day

In this house, and in many others over the globe, we are fully aware of autism’s impact. We’ve gone from 1 in 88 to 1 in 50 according to new research…and my guess is that number is going to rise. So we don’t need a month to remind us… but there are so many other … Continue reading