For Boston

I just want to say that my heart and thoughts go out tonight to you Boston.

We run for many reasons.

I certainly run for my kids, to show them how strong I am.

I run to prove to myself that I am strong, that I am capable, that I AM alive and able to go out for a run.

Sometimes I run just because, or to blow off steam, or to think about a way to do things better.

I run to calm my fears, and to gain hope and perspective that everything will be OK.

I run to listen to my music without little ones hanging around 🙂

I run to feel the wind in my face and, well — let’s face it — to feel the wind in my hair when I actually grow it out.

I run because it’s something I always did.

I run to be like my sister MaryAnn who showed me the ropes.

I run because my kids spent three months struggling to make it out of the hospital and break free of breathing tubes and wires and isolettes.

I run to FEEL more alive.

A 5K, 10K, any distance, is nothing compared to what my kids have gone through.

Running comes easy to me. It doesn’t come that easy to my son who has autism.

Getting out and running again was promise I made to myself when I was on bed rest. When I lace up I lace up for me and my children.

And today, as I took to the late-day spring sunshine, I ran with BOSTON on my mind, and in my heart.

I ask for healing. I pray for strength and understanding.

I know the running community will overcome and rise above.

And we will lace up again…




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