My Better Half

Autism parents, all parents, listen… you need to take care of yourselves.

IMAGE Be led by your dreams

Thanks Oneida YMCA for the inspiration.

My husband and I had gotten into the parental rut of shuttling kids back and forth to where they needed to be, work, home, speeding through errands because the kids always demanded something. Doctors. The endless doctor visits.

And then I had the fortunate gift of going away on vacation thanks to my dear friend Jennifer.But the fact was that we, as a couple, as a family, had struggled to even go to the store without incident drove the cold hard facts home: What about us? And what about Rob and Alexia? When were WE going to take a vacation.

Long story short, we have been taking time for ourselves. And we have decided to just GO FOR IT.

Theo has a meltdown — too bad world. This is us. This is our “normal” and we really don’t know what’s going to trigger a meltdown in Theo, or cause one in the girls for that matter. We are going for it. We are moving forward with dreams and plans and not being burdened by what happens to be plaguing us today.

With that said, let me tell you a bit about why I do what I do…because sometimes I don’t say it enough.

I really and truly do have an amazing partner in my husband.

We have gone from zero to “sixty” in kids when those triplets came into the world. In this 6 years since the triplets been on this planet we have faced things others (hopefully) will never face in their lifetime.

When I need someone to be calm, that’s him. And when he’s not calm, I incredibly fit the bill. We work well together that way.

So here’s to my better half, to my Rob. I can’t wait until our next adventure. To us!


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