Great Little Moments

These kids are getting bigger every day. Every time I turn around they look different, they act different, they’re reading (well, the girls are) and Theo is making great strides.

Then there are days when you think: who are these kids and why are they tormenting me so. And as a mom you start saying things like:

“Have you washed your hands? With soap? And are you sure?”

“Please keep your hands out of your sister’s breakfast.”

“And what does THAT exactly mean.”

“No, I really don’t want to see you do…(insert scheme or trick here)”

“Yes, I am mean. Timeout. Now.”

But then they go and surprise you. Especially those girls who are oftentimes at odds with each other. On the way home from my mom’s recently Olena, who falls asleep at the drop of a hat in the van, well, fell asleep. Gretchen who sits next to her leaned over and studied her face. She looked, and bobbed and weaved, and looked again… and then she leaned over, reached up, and patted her sister on the head. Of course, she woke her up, but Gretchen was smiling. And, thankfully, grumpy Olena fell back asleep.

And then today we got this note from Theo’s teacher:

IMAGE Note from Theo's teacher

Great job Theo!

These are great little moments from great little kids.


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