Mother’s Day 2013

The blessings… the blessings.


When Rob asked last night if I minded if he posted my very first mother’s day photo I didn’t hesitate one bit.

No, go ahead I said.

Mother's Day 2007

Alexia Herbowy Conrad’s first Mother’s Day; May 2007. Kids were still in the Crouse NICU. The nurses had arranged a surprise photoshoot for mom which turned into our first ever family picture. Thank you Crouse NICU nurses for your care and compassion for the three months with Gretchen, Theo & Olena.


And then later it hit me like a ton of bricks…complete with the full on ugly cry. My girls flocked to my side. Olena even patted my stomach to comfort me… to which I said, “C’mon I’m trying to cry here.”

Three months in the NICU at Crouse. These kids are fighters. And we are certainly blessed…Just look at how far they have come!

Mother's Day 2013

Here they are!


From that day to this, ups and owns, and sometimes mostly downs, I know one thing is true… Someone is looking out for us, and answering my prayers, and although everything is not perfect (“no one is perfect, only the Creator is perfect”), everything will be OK and we will be just fine.

I love my kids.


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