Posted in June 2013

Happy Father’s Day 2013

It may go down as yet another holiday weekend spent in the ER for the Conrad Household but this Father’s Day, and every day, we remember how much Rob does for us. He’s always there. He’s┬áthe calm to my storm (and, appropriately, we switch roles as needed) and he is such a loving dad. It’s … Continue reading

The Dreaded Phone Call: Part 2

Being the parent of a kid with autism, every time your phone rings, your heart skips a beat or two and you hold you breath…always thinking the worse. While I was out running errands the day before Father’s Day, the dreaded phone call happened. Only this time it wasn’t Theo, it was Olena. And, yup, … Continue reading

Meet #Team THEO

I done good…so I have to share again. And again. It’s less than 30 days now. Let’s do this TEAM ARC/TEAM THEO!

What a Weekend

Yeah, yeah so I slacked off. I have another good reason… Rob and I are taking time for each other. We started adding some in-home date nights after a March vacation made us both realize we needed to do something special for us. We are lucky that we have had a good army of volunteers … Continue reading

Movin On Up

Well, this is the last official week of kindergarten for Gretchen and Olena. They still get their shoes mixed up and on the wrong feet. (OK. That’s mostly Gretchen although Olena tried to wear two different sneakers this morning. Yup, the secret is out!!) We still nail the tying of the shoes…only to have a … Continue reading


Yes, that’s me. I’m one bad blogging mama… Actually we have been SUPER BUSY, which is both good and bad. GOOD because we have (and I hope I don’t jinx us) had some really good days! BAD because we are totally spent by the end of the night that everyone, including the girls, have just … Continue reading