Yes, that’s me. I’m one bad blogging mama…

Actually we have been SUPER BUSY, which is both good and bad.

GOOD because we have (and I hope I don’t jinx us) had some really good days!

BAD because we are totally spent by the end of the night that everyone, including the girls, have just had it with each other…and, of course, that can trigger mad crazy meltdowns in Mr. Theodore.

Theo at the Please Touch Museum

Theo at the Please Touch Museum

GOOD because we have made more in roads in doing new things. We visited a popular museum in Philadelphia on Memorial Day weekend — Philadelphia’s Please Touch Museum.

BAD because by the end of the visit, which was just over an hour-long, Theodore was ready to run outside with a wand he had lifted from the gift shop. Luckily for us, we had a nice clerk who was on top of things, and scanned another wand to avoid a meltdown. Yay Philly!

GOOD because we survived a Memorial Day family party that we couldn’t get to a year prior because Theo was sick.

BAD because this time it was mommy who fell ill… not really sure what happened, but it turned into a sinus infection.

GOOD because we are finding more and more things that Theo will try.

BAD because as soon as we have him figured out, he goes and changes things up on us. Thanks bud.

GOOD because we are stretching our wings, trying out playground experiences we would never had thought of taking him too. And his sisters are very perceptive and know exactly what Theo would like (swings, quiet spaces, slides that aren’t too high), and they know what he won’t like (too cold, no swings, lots of other kids).

BAD because just when we think we’ve worn him out and got him to get all his energy out… he’s the only one STILL AWAKE.

Of course, all of this boils down to one other thing. I’m ignoring my other “child”, this blog…

I’m a bad, bad mama.

But I’m here, and promise to do better… I do. Right after I catch a nap…

Until next time folks.


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