Movin On Up

IMAGES Olena and Gretchen, KindergartenWell, this is the last official week of kindergarten for Gretchen and Olena.

They still get their shoes mixed up and on the wrong feet. (OK. That’s mostly Gretchen although Olena tried to wear two different sneakers this morning. Yup, the secret is out!!)

We still nail the tying of the shoes…only to have a meltdown when we can’t figure out how the heck we can do it on Barbie.

We are trying desperately to braid My Little Pony’s hair but we still can’t master the pony tail.

More impressive: those girls are READING! All those hours spent reading to them at night, snuggling with them as they hung on every word and picture…is now interrupted because “mom, let me read,” and “I can do it” remarks drown out the plot. Frustrating and exciting at the same time.

We are learning the basics of addition, but call every coin we see a penny.

Ah, how far we have come and how much we have grown in a year!

We’re 6 now, and there’s no more hiding my tears when they do something good… or unexpected. I now get the “why are you crying now” look from them.

Will they ever understand how far they have come? Maybe.

Someday they will understand how much they’ve grown in one year and what great sisters they are to Theodore, and how blessed we are to have them.

But tomorrow, I will continue to hold their hands, make their daily PB&Js, and just listen to them say “windpeels” instead of “pinwheels.”

They are 6 and about to embark on an incredible summer.

I just ask to let them be 6…just a little while longer.

My little goofballs. My silly, bright, spunky girls. Always remember that I love right up to the moon, and back. That’s the truth. Even when you slug each other in the bathtub because one of you has too much soap, or has taken all the wash cloths.

I may be frustrated at the time, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.





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