What a Weekend

Yeah, yeah so I slacked off. I have another good reason… Rob and I are taking time for each other. We started adding some in-home date nights after a March vacation made us both realize we needed to do something special for us.

We are lucky that we have had a good army of volunteers and sitters to call on as needed. But we are branching out, and asking others to help…and with the assistance of a respite program we hope more help will be coming.

But this weekend really was spectacular.

My husband and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary! We even went OUT to dinner to a restaurant in the presence of other adults! We giggled, ironically, like kids. And took silly pictures…like this.

Dad and I -- Out on the Town

Sweet Kisses for 16 (wow!) years

Then on Saturday I finished second in my age group in the annual Nate Race. It was my third Nate Race. Now I keep thinking, “what have I done?” I also got to see my awesome sister and her kiddos Alex and Justyna. (Keep an eye on Justyna — you heard it here first. Outstanding runner!)

IMAGE Nate Race

Me, my lovely triplets, and the 1st and 3rd place winners in my age group.

We all took part in the Nate Race fun run! Even Theodore although, as soon as he saw the bench, sat down after completing a 300 (oh so close to a 400! At least he earned a great participant ribbon).

Sunday was picture perfect. We spent the time at home most of the day, although the girls and I enjoyed the International Boxing Hall of Fame Induction Parade.

Also on Sunday I was able to get all my kiddos pets — various flowers and vegetable plants — into the ground. Although after a soaking rain today, I hope they survive.

It was the unofficial start to summer 2013…and so far, it feels so good.

Until next time…


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