Happy Father’s Day 2013

Gretchen, Daddy and Olena

Soccer Stars!

It may go down as yet another holiday weekend spent in the ER for the Conrad Household but this Father’s Day, and every day, we remember how much Rob does for us. He’s always there. He’s the calm to my storm (and, appropriately, we switch roles as needed) and he is such a loving dad.

It’s not easy raising kids. It’s not easy raising triplets. It’s not easy raising two very opinionated girls and one non-verbal son with ASD…this job gives him no breaks, and sometimes no sleep.

But he rolls with it all, and accepts his kiddos for who they are… even if that means not getting a good night (or several good night’s) of rest.

When I see him playing with the kiddos, playing soccer with the girls, rocking on the porch with Theo —  even doing something as simple as patting someone on the head when they need it most, it just makes me so happy.

IMAGE Dad triplet flashback! An oldie, but a goodie!

I think poor Theo just wants a hot breakfast!

XOXOX Daddy! I love you more, everyday 🙂



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