The Dreaded Phone Call: Part 2

Being the parent of a kid with autism, every time your phone rings, your heart skips a beat or two and you hold you breath…always thinking the worse.

While I was out running errands the day before Father’s Day, the dreaded phone call happened. Only this time it wasn’t Theo, it was Olena.

And, yup, your heart leaps just as much…

Here’s the scene:

I had just finished getting Daddy his Father’s Day gift (Epic Sports in Fayetteville where I was introduced as Mrs. Rob. Great, fun staff!!) I had even finished shopping at Target to get some Theo smoothie essentials.

Pulled into Wegman’s in DeWitt (more than a grocery shopping run, it’s a retreat!) and I heard this phone going off. I was washing my hands, so I wasn’t really paying attention. When it got louder, I panicked.

It was me, my phone, my pocket.

Oh, sh*t.

I held my breath, and held it some more, and answered the phone. I heard crying in the background. It’s got to be Theo…

Nope. Olena.

She couldn’t stop crying. She had fallen off her bike and hit her arm pretty good on the sidewalk, right where it jumps up thanks to a giant root from our even larger maple tree. She could move her hand, but she wasn’t showing it to anyone. She also would not really calm down.

Instinctively, I started to head outside the store even before dad said come home.

I told him to call the neighbors and see who could come over. I could be back in 20 minutes. Get her to the ER — don’t wait.

I seemed to fly down the Thruway and back home (sorry NYS Troopers…). I got home in less than 20 minutes. Ran inside and, thankfully, Rob and Olena had already left for Oneida Healthcare and Charlene (our neighbor and Theo’s girl 😉 took Gretchen and he to another neighbor’s house to hang out on the swing.

I did my best to keep Theo and Gretchen entertained. Dad really had the hard job at the ER with Olena.

Olena on the DL

OUCH! At least Snoopy was there every step of the way.

She managed to fracture her left arm right above her elbow. She is going to be evaluated by a specialist tomorrow and hopefully outfitted with a waterproof cast and a better sling.

Dad reports that Olena did very well at the ER. And she did very well at home, but obviously, is in some pain.

Tomorrow we find out more.

She is very nervous. Already has told everyone that she doesn’t like casts. And is very sad she may be finishing her kindergarten year in a cast.

Poor honey…more to come.


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