Castoff! And That’s a GOOD thing.

The Summer of 2013 will no doubt be remembered as the summer of the purple cast.

Now Olena has finally adjusted well and is no longer taking EVERYTHING out on mommy (I was not there when the break happened).

IMAGE Olena showing off her cast in June.

Pouty girl

She has had to endure watching her sister swim in the community pool even though she, too, was signed up for classes.

She has had to suffer during some of those hot, humid, totally disgusting days with a cast on her arm.

She has had to learn how to cope with a raincoat over her arm while playing in the summer rain (to which she questioned “why am I outside standing in the rain?” Because you are supposed to have fun, damn it… of course I didn’t say that.)

She has had to defend her arm against her brother Theo who sometimes does not know his own strength, especially when he gets goofy.

She reluctantly went to Canastota Track Class on several nights knowing full well she could not participate. She was a trooper and instead has helped out the coaches with different tasks.

But this Monday…the purple cast is cast away. Gone. Vamoose. And while most of us will be lamenting the fact that July is almost over (and, eek! that summer is at half-time) for Olena, summer will be starting all over again.

Now, let’s hope no one else encounters such an accident. Let my kid be cast free!!


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