Mom’s Night Off

And so… what to do when your husband is out on the town (at the Melvin’s concert with his buddies…) and the kiddos are in bed…and the Melatonin has finally kicked in…(Theo’s weather-alarm was on full display thanks to Mother Nature).

Bath?! ah, yes, luxuriating in our claw footed tub, surrounded by rubber duckies and squirt toys. Soaking in a wonderful LUSH bath bomb bath. Sounds great! But who is going to wake me if I fall asleep?

Drink? Perfect!. Having a nice refreshing glass of wine or maybe a pint of lager? Yes…but, um, I may fall asleep too early.

Instead, I sit on the couch with my feet up, having a serving of Hershey’s kisses, writing in  my blog (sorry, it’s summer) and trying to rest my weary feet.

The TV is on. And I am enjoying the alone time…

(Please pray that I have not just jinxed myself and that my triplets don’t wake. Good night!)



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