Running, Running ….sprinting?!

The Boilermaker, believe it or not, has come and gone.

I was so very honored to run as part of the Charity Bib team for the Oneida-Lewis ARC. While not the ARC we deal with (we live in Madison County), we know how important this organization is to so many families like us, and so many kids (and adults) like Theodore.

I had a LOT on my shoulders before this race. While Theodore, and my girls, are clearly my inspiration to keep running (even though there are days when I want to run away from them!), I was helping to support so many others with this endeavor. I was an emotional wreck.

I apologize to those runners at Green Lakes State Park who may have seen me wipe away a few tears 2 weeks before the actual race. When that girl on MapMyRun announced I had completed 9 miles in 1 hour, 25 minutes… I burst into tears.

I took a week off before the race. On the drive into Utica at 5-whatever-a.m. I became overwhelmed again.

“Shit. I have to get this together.” I told myself, and I did reel it in, until I saw the fire trucks on Burrstone Road hoisting up the Red, White and Blue.



But I somehow got it together…parked…saw AuntieJean! Gave her my keys and caught the bus to the start.

IMAGE Boilermaker Start...and porta potties

My sister Mary Ann, my niece Justyna, and me… start of the Boilermaker, courtesy of the Utica Roadrunners.

Things got real really quick… especially near the porta potties…. (that was the REAL race).

Anyhow, I lined up and after tearing up hearing the National Anthem…the race was on. And I did awesome! I didn’t make the 1:30 I was gunning for but it got incredibly hot and humid and about mile 7, when I saw some runners drop, I figured the Boilermaker is not PAYING me to run, so I’m going to slow WAY down.

I completed the race in 1:39:45 or so…

I felt great. Exhausted but happy! I may have twisted my ankle…but otherwise I survived my first Boilermaker since 1996.

I’d say that’s a success. And when I came home my family greeted me with signs of congratulations and everyone was wearing their Boilermaker shirts. Priceless.

I’m already making mental plans to do it again in 2014…who is with  me?!

Now, on the other end of the spectrum, I was among the 60 or so participants in the Sylvan Beach Mile. Yup. 1 mile. How hard can that be?



It took me longer to drive to the location and park compared to how long it took to run the race. I finished in 7:45 and, even though the runners at this event had absolutely no body fat on them, I managed to secure first place in my age division, 40-49. Helps that only 1 other female ran in that division 😉

I also got by arse kicked by a 71-year-old.

The lead runners, by the way…their strides looked like full-on sprints. Anyone who knows me I pace myself. I do not sprint. Nope.

But, that’s OK. Just keep running I say. Just keep on running 😉




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