Makes No Sense At All @bobmould

Dear Bob,

What can I say other than I certainly hope you forgive me.

IMAGE Bob Mould at The Haunt, Ithaca, NY

Bob Mould. Rocks. That is all.

Like you, I too grew up in New York albeit not as remote as Malone. I grew up just outside of Utica in New York Mills (go Marauders!) and was raised on a steady diet of classic rock and roll. I love those 80s bands. LOVE them…don’t hate.

And then at college I met another Bob, and he introduced me to punk rock.

I was saved.

I have never been so moved and so touched then when I sat and actually LISTENED to Husker Du — the polar opposite of what I was used to listening to. I mean I really listened to it. What I once thought was just noise for the sake of being noise was far from it. The raw power and the melody was brilliant. I actually left my spot as part of the WPNR “news team” because my Bob (and his friend Pat) were playing Sugar and being a DJ was just so much more fun!

And I was hooked. I’ve been following you ever since. And then life happened.

Last year, for my birthday, I was treated to WILCO. This year, it was you! And you seemed different. You were awesome the last two times we saw you. But you were so much different at The Haunt in Ithaca. You were happy and smiling and just incredible. (And I had just finished your book…so maybe I just felt more connected.)

IMAGE Me and Rob at The Haunt, Ithaca, waiting for Bob Mould to take the stage.

Me and my Rob, getting ready to ROCK!

Me, I was letting go of my title as triplet mom. I was bopping along and singing my heart out. I was with my Bob, watching the Bob, ROCK MY FREAKING EARS OFF!! I don’t think I stopped moving once (although at one point it had gotten so loud I wasn’t quite sure what song you guys were playing, but that only lasted until the chorus).

So here I was singing along. Blowing my vocal chords… DANCING! I was not the mom in the minivan secretly rocking after dropping the triplets off at daycare. I was not cranking the music on the short drive to work. It was me and you and my Bob and a lot of Ithaca friends… ROCKING!

Sign of a great show is when you think the band just started and then, well, it’s time for the encore.

You had already played songs from your new(ish) album, some great Sugar tunes…and FLIP YOUR WIG!!! WHAT?!!

And as I was having a grand time…you were getting ready for the final song. You looked up and I looked up and we caught each other…

And you extended the mic.

And I did something I will never, ever, live down. I looked left, right. I LOOKED BEHIND ME!!! What?! I thought, he can’t possibly be looking at me.

Well, you were. And I froze. It was a moment so not punk rock that it WAS punk rock. But my Ithaca friends jumped ahead of me and took over.

I tried desperately to get up there… makes no sense at all… and I just couldn’t… walking around with my head in THE clouds…. I still am.

As we were leaving the club, and Rob and I were chatting when another fan came up and said :”Fucking great show, right?”

“Yeah, it was just awesome. Just awesome. I can’t believe I missed my chance at the mic?! (hands cover my face in punk rock shame).”

“Yeah, he was watching you.”


Guess that just means we’ll have to catch you on stage again Bob.

Thanks again for a memorable time — even though I blew it.

Keep on rocking my friend.

Until next time.


4 thoughts on “Makes No Sense At All @bobmould

  1. Great piece. I too am a huge Bob Mould fan. I was sucked down the wormhole when I noticed you had commented on my story at Laughspin about my daughter on the autism spectrum. Thanks for your comment and I’m glad I discovered your blog.

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