Thank you @Jean4Palmer

IMAGE Auntie Jean Palmer

Reading with Auntie Jean

Words cannot describe what Jean Palmer does for all of us.

I couldn’t have a better friend to have by my side (sorry, Olena…but I saw her first!)

Her mom and her came and watched the triplets while Rob and I took a weekend break in Ithaca. Which started out with me embarrassing myself…at a punk rock show…of course.

The weekend was amazing.

Everyone is still here and Jean and Yvonne we are forever blessed to have you on Team Triplet.

And mom and dad had a great time but we missed the kiddos so much. And the kids had fun…and I think they missed us as well.

Good news Jean — the next time you come over, you won’t have to work as much. In fact, just come over and PLAY!

Until next time…


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