Posted in October 2013

Welcome to our Table

So it was another rough weekend in the Conrad household. Friday we attempted another family visit to Wegman’s DeWitt. We left the house later, and stayed at the store later. We also had to sit inside…which, for Theo, is a sensory nightmare. While Theo held it together as long as he could, the inevitable meltdown(s) ensued…complete … Continue reading


Just saw that my 150th post was about having accidents. Awesome. Well, that’s how it goes sometimes. Good, bad, and unpleasant. Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day. It can only go up from here, right?! Gotta go. Time for baths. Triplet bedtime. And mommy needs a little beverage. Night night.

Someday This Too Shall Pass

So, while daddy is taking a break this weekend, I got a screaming Gretchen. Again. Right now she’s eating a big orange cupcake and is actually sucking on the wrapper. At least she’s quiet. Her mouth is busy. Today she has (sorry Gretchen) two accidents. The bathroom is right there, and yet, she just goes. … Continue reading

Paying it Forward

Raising triplets is hard, sure…but one of the nice things we get to do for others is donating our well-loved and gently-used clothing to those who need it most. Some of the outfits we have passed along to family and friends… but today we donated five boxes of girls and boys toddler clothing along with 2 … Continue reading

#Autumn Advantage

So after last nights all-out-shouting-and-no-soccer war, I very tenderly and gently suggested to take the girls out to the track tonight to burn off some energy. I figure that part of the reason why Gretchen is having these meltdowns is — and I’m assuming here — that Theo is taking up a lot of time … Continue reading

And, I’m Done

That’s all I could muster tonight. All because of Gretchen… She engaged me in a shouting match. I told her she needed to calm down. She did not. Twenty-minutes into it, and it escalated because we told her she could not go to soccer. I never heard louder screaming for anyone. Ever. “Soccer players do not … Continue reading