Someday This Too Shall Pass

So, while daddy is taking a break this weekend, I got a screaming Gretchen. Again.

Right now she’s eating a big orange cupcake and is actually sucking on the wrapper.

At least she’s quiet.

Her mouth is busy.

Today she has (sorry Gretchen) two accidents. The bathroom is right there, and yet, she just goes. Wherever. And she only does this at home. Not at school or at daycare.

Now, she is not trained at night (she is still very tiny and is a very sound sleeper) but I think she’s just too busy to be bothered to stop and use the potty.

I ask why. She said “I don’t know.” And she does not have any signs of illness (no fever, no pain while going, etc.)

Just like everything else…I am hopeful this too shall pass.

And pass soon because quite frankly…I don’t like laundry that much (I am making her do it when she, ahem, misses the point of using the bathroom).

Until next time…



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