Welcome to our Table

So it was another rough weekend in the Conrad household. Friday we attempted another family visit to Wegman’s DeWitt. We left the house later, and stayed at the store later. We also had to sit inside…which, for Theo, is a sensory nightmare. While Theo held it together as long as he could, the inevitable meltdown(s) ensued…complete with lots of yelling,

Family night at Wegman’s turned out to be mom and Theo in the van, girls and daddy in the restaurant.

But, it’s all OK. The more we expose Theo to these adventures, the more he will get used to it. And quite frankly the staff at Wegman’s was OUTSTANDING when it came to dealing with Theodore. They just let him sit on the floor and yell and rock against his mom until he got it together. Shout out to the staff for sticking it out with us and being understanding, and helping where they could

Saturday, after the girls had soccer, our original plans were thwarted by Gretchen (grrr) but the day was amazing and so we dragged everyone out to Mt. Hope Reservoir in Oneida. My first time there and the kiddos first time there. Needless to say Miss Gretchen dealt strike number 2, which was strike number 1 — if you will. She had an accident even though there were porta potties at the park.

Sunday, after some initial screaming by Gretchen (seeing a pattern here) we finally got our act together and headed outside.

We celebrated with a tea party!

We invited all of our friends: Snoopy, Cupcake, Rawr (Roar?), and Scooch. We put on our best clothes. We had our finest tea set and cups out and made sure we had enough Yogurt Melts on hand for Theodore (who entertained us by providing us some tunes).

Afterward the party and play outside proved to be too much for Theodore…and Gretchen had another, shall we say, accident… but look at these wonderful pictures!

IMAGE Tea Party, Fall, 2013

IMAGE Theodore

Theo even tried some tea!

IMAGE Gretchen and Roar

Yes, have some tea Roar. You look fab.

IMAGE Olena at tea

Loving her adventure














While it was a very frustrating weekend, this by far was among the bright spots. We can’t wait to welcome another chance to sit outside at our picnic table with our furry friends and without cumbersome jackets, before the weather turns too cold.

Happy autumn everyone.

Until next time…

(PS As soon as dad came home this mama went for a run. I burned off all my energy. It felt great, and many of the day’s worries had melted away by then;-)


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