Open a #Book, Explore the World

So tonight we did something a little off schedule…

Instead of trekking my sorry lungs over to the Oneida-Y to work out on the treadmill (hate you treadmill and hate you strep-induced cough-prone lungs – ugh!) we instead took a trip to the library. Just me and the girls.

And in the commonality of my adult life I just thought — library. Good, let’s go. My jaded “been to the library before” look was something I tried to hide from two very intelligent little girls who are happy with their books about animals, fairies, princesses, crazy dogs and more.

Why is it, parents, that when you do something with your kids for the first (or in this case second time) everything looks different to you?

I think fresh eyes is just what I needed!

IMAGE Gretchen and Olena, October

Soccer stars hungry for books

While Theodore had his dinner smoothie, the girls hurried to rush through their homework, ate some ravioli, and talked about the library.

Would it be open? How could the library still be open mom? Don’t worry, I assured them, it would be open.

And as soon as dad came home they jumped up, finished what they had to, put on their coats and winter hats and were ready to go. Into the dark and rainy night we piled into the minivan for the quick drive to the library and during which Gretchen tried out her “library voice.” Including her “excited whisper yell” which I reminded her she could NOT use at the library.

(I also asked her why, when I ask her to whisper at home, she never does? She simply answered that the library is a quiet place, mom. Well, said daughter. Well said.)

The parking lot at the library was not busy, but not empty either. We happily jumped out of the van, walked up to the front steps (11 total, not counting the landing), and open those heavy doors… from the dark into the light… to discover a whole NEW WORLD!

The Canastota library has revamped its children’s reading area on the second floor. I’m happy to report that the girls’ library whisper voices were gone (sorry fellow patrons), but no one seemed to mind. Both girls dove into the aisles, looking for picture books, animal books, chapter books… the possibilities were endless. Gretchen and Olena walked away with arms full of books from a new fairy chapter book Olena picked out (she’s the first to take the book out. How very exciting!) To an encyclopedia of Dinosaurs for Gretchen. I wondered if she was going to share the pages with Roar, reading to her all about her ancestors.

A quick visit but it meant so much. We were happy. READING. Learning. Smiling. Exploring. All at our local library.

When we got back home I reminded the girls that we have to take extra good care of our choices before we return them in December.

Olena’s reply: That’s not a lot of time.

And off she went to dive into those books.

Keep on reading. Keep on exploring. And I will be sure to keep on returning to the Canastota Public Library with my eager learners.

Until next time…




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