Step forward, step back…Who cares? Just try again.

So, it’s been a real roller-coaster of a week.

Those of you familiar with autism know that sometimes you just don’t know what will trigger a total meltdown.

Theodore, my boy, really threw us for a loop. Tuesday we had a sensory evaluation done at the ARC in Oneida. It went well, but Theo’s day was off a bit and when the therapist shut off the bubble column light spectacular thingie (this), Theo began to fixate on a vibrating pillow, holding it up to his head. And when the therapist took that away.


Well, she had asked what a meltdown was like. Theo delivered. And boy did he bring it.

Needless to say it was recommended that Theo return to the sensory room for therapy during the week (excellent because I am in love with the light shower…move over boy!). The rest of the day tanked to the point where there was no helping or soothing Theo. His day was all out of order, he couldn’t be comforted — nearly 2 hours non-stop of crying, screaming and hitting his head.

Awful. Why? Why on earth did he get this autism thing? Why must he be so uncomfortable and why can’t we DO anything about it.

The next day… like new, like the sun coming up, crisp late Autumn air surrounding and refreshing us we had a brand new start. And start again we did.

Autism Swings Today

I actually heard him say “push” today! 🙂

Thursday brought another challenge. While most kids would LOVE a half day, the change in schedule is NOT something Theo likes. At all. Change is not good in this kiddo’s book. But I met him at home. Got his favorite lunch in him (which he doesn’t eat at school…a long story) and, packed up the van and brought him to the park.

Just me and my boy. And. He. LOVED. It! He did have one meltdown but it was minor.

Friday was good too.

But then Saturday, with the bitter cold returning and the winds whipping around made for one restless little dude who kept on licking the walls. Really?! And then getting mad when we tried to redirect him. After a while, I just gave up. Go ahead and lick those walls…go build up your immune system. Right? So he was agitated and we could not wait for bedtime. He was agitated mostly because of the changes in weather, pressure, atmosphere and all…plus those darn teeth (we found out earlier in the month his molars are not all the way in AND he’s in the process of losing two more baby teeth!).

Today was a great day. We even went to visit Grandma Millie! And Theo did very well and he had a good night.

I hope this good mood continues…for we have plans to visit family in New Jersey. Talk about schedule change. But we’ll weather it the best that we can.

Until next time.

*= If anything good came from the Tuesday meltdown it was that Theo REALIZED he did something wrong. After he bit the therapist he had the biggest sad face ever, and he was afraid to go by her again. He felt bad. Cause and effect. A year ago, he would have been like “Well, you shouldn’t have shut that off and then take the pillow from me.” This year he realized he was elevated, he bit someone when he should not have, and he was clearly crushed by what had happened. So, I guess there is the good in that lesson.


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