Restless Nights = Better Tomorrows, I Hope

It’s been a while. My Theodore is going through a few things. First, he was dismissed by his previous doctor and we searched and got him someone who is willing to work with him (and us) and who understands.

However, after coming off a strep throat infection, it seems as though Theodore has redeveloped acid reflux. We are trying to find the right medicines/combination for him. He’s only been on liquid RX since Friday. It so far has worked one night. Sunday night/Monday morning he actually fell asleep on the couch…

which means NO ONE really slept.

Can’t seem to prop him up.

And now he is going through a phase (on top of all this) that he is associating his bedtime with pain (I think) because he is really throwing a fit. Every night.

Well, at least tonight we got the meds in him, and it was only an hour of screaming until he passed out.

So I’ll be back on the phone with his physician again tomorrow.

Please pray, send good vibes, send tips — whatever you can do — to help ease my boy and get him back into a somewhat normal sleep cycle.

Above all… may he be soothed and heal soon.

Until next time.


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