Forgive me if I am Repeating Myself

I posted the following on my personal Facebook page today (so some of you may have already seen it). I thought I would share it here with you.

A few weeks ago I decided NOT to speak my mind. But I saw this post and just had to share it …

How do I really feel? Here you go…

The triplets spent nearly 3 months after they were born struggling to be healthy enough to come home. At 28 weeks they needed intensive treatments and care which they received at Crouse Hospital (Nurse Lori Hopper* can attest to that). Gretchen was the last to come home (July 4, 2007).

The NICU oversees the most fragile of infants in CNY and beyond. It is my belief that, had vaccines caused so many problems, my delicate newborns would not have had been on a “regular schedule.” They were. We got all our shots on time, except for one, because Gretchen had to have hernia surgery before coming home.

You may also know is that Theodore is my 1:68. He has autism. I have no reason to believe shots gave him autism (they don’t: see link below). I think it’s something he always had. And, really, at this point — who cares how he got it? I have to be more focused on what we can do for him today.

Now, to add to the fun, the triplets were vaccinated against Pertussis (Whooping Cough). Well, guess what? Olena still managed to catch it and we spent 24 hours in the ER because of it. I cannot imagine what our experience would have been like had she NOT received the shot.

The point is this: vaccinate your kids.

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4 thoughts on “Forgive me if I am Repeating Myself

  1. I am just curious. How did you get pregnant with triplets? Were they spontaneous or from treatments? I was pregnant with triplets myself but I lost one at 10 weeks. Gave birth to full term twins though but I always kinda wonder what it would have been like.

    • I addressed it in previous pages. I have a hormonal imbalance which makes it tough for me to have a normal cycle so, yes, I had triplets with treatments (for the record I wanted 1, my husband wanted 2. We got 3:-))

      As for how it was? Those early days was non-stop. We had TONS of help but I’m still amazed at how we made it through the first 4 years.

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