Life is Like an “OnOn”

My coworker has a wonderful story about her mixing up the Carl Sandberg quote about life being like an onion.

Each time she tells me the story, I interrupt her — at the “onon” moment — to say “and on and on it goes.”

Such is the story in my little corner of the world. Life, it goes on and on…and on. Sometimes moving too fast to catch up and take a breath. Sometimes it slowly trudges along. Most days, it’s a matter of two steps forward and one step back. It’s something we quickly found out about when the kiddos spent time in the NICU.

Unfortunately, sometimes, that dance persists today.

In the meantime, I selfishly (gasp!) have taken time off from writing in this blog after a few (how can I say this delicately?) blips in our story. My Theo, who is doing great by the way, had to add a new medicine to his routine in the spring. It was a very up and down time. And, he has adjusted quite well.

At the same time, I, too, had to ask for more help — I realized that I was struggling with my emotions just as much as Theo does with his.

But I got help and am on the mend too.

What is boils down to is this: I can’t fix everything. I can’t fixate on everything that seems to be a setback. Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting the right footing underneath you to make it to the next step. And sometimes it’s making that step without really knowing where you are going.

As a mom, it’s important to ask for help. As a special needs mom, it’s VERY important to ask for help.

So I ask, no, beg you to do the same. If you see someone struggling with the daily activities of life lend a hand when you can. See what you can do even if it’s just listening. And you may not even know what you can do, but more level heads can diffuse any situation and point those in need in the right direction.

Just be there for each other, OK? We are all in this together…

Until next time friends…


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