Posted in January 2015

No, Really. Continue, Please…

Was there something in the air tonight? And why does it always have to come home to greet me. As soon as I picked up the trips at daycare the girls started in on each other. (Happily, Theo was not noticing…for once.) Anyhow, dinner went well. Homework went well. I even walked past Olena a … Continue reading


Do people still do this anymore?? Theo found the gigantic blanket and settled down tonight to listen to The Police. Da do do do….    

Bright Spot Within the Chaos

Chaos. Not sure how else to describe it. It’s probably not even the correct word. But when your kid with autism is stuck home on a chilly day over the weekend, chaos ensues. Not necessarily bad or good… but it is trying. At one point yesterday morning Theodore decided the best thing for him to … Continue reading