Bright Spot Within the Chaos


Not sure how else to describe it. It’s probably not even the correct word. But when your kid with autism is stuck home on a chilly day over the weekend, chaos ensues. Not necessarily bad or good… but it is trying.

At one point yesterday morning Theodore decided the best thing for him to do was to run through the house and bat on things… the microwave and the washing machine are his new targets of choice. There’s only so many times during the day that, as a mom, you can say:

“Please don’t hit that.”
“Please don’t lick that.”
“Please don’t kick the washing machine.”
“Please don’t … (enter bad act here).”

And I know it’s not him. I know it’s the big A making his day rough. And yet, I felt that the end of my rope that I had tied a knot on was no longer holding me up… I took it out on him.

#ParentingFail Good job mom.

I know he can’t help it. He’s bored. And his sisters fighting with each other, making a very loud situation even louder, just wears on you as a parent.

So, I decided to take a chance. We bundled up — Theo, Olena and I — and we met dad and Gretchen at Wegman’s. (The two of them had gone ice skating.)

And, to my surprise, he handled it quite well. Olena and I were able to have snacks. Theo had a few of his favorites that I had packed. The key I think is the seating area of the DeWitt store’s cafe with the large windows and natural light. He seemed fascinated by the ceiling, and even made “friends” with a group of four who happened to be sitting in the table we sat at last time (routine anyone?). We even were able to do half of the week’s shopping TOGETHER on a SATURDAY afternoon at the DeWitt store.

(Have you ever experienced Wegman’s on a Saturday afternoon? It’s not for the timid.)

But then the Mr. just had it and went flying through the aisles, ending up near the beer.

I was able to get him to at least sit for a bit, and I did get his soft helmet on because he had started to hit his head, and I just reassured him that he was OK, that we were proud of him for putting up with Wegman’s, and that we could go home.

And his treat was his favorite Beastie Boys DVD waiting for him in the van.

The rest of the day went better, but by no means was it a smooth day. And so far today we are doing “typical” Theo things only occasionally beating up on my appliances.

Really, for as hard as yesterday was, I am super proud of my little Boss. It was a bright spot amid the chaos.

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Bright Spot Within the Chaos

  1. Another ASD boy that loves The Beastie Boys? I can’t believe it! Maybe it’s the loud baseline or something, but The Beasties are the only music my kid responds too. To me it sounds like nails on a chalkboard, but I now know every Beastie song ever made and it’s actually starting to grow on me. Go Figure!

    • Oh we love the Boys! It just kind of happened one day and was the first thing Theo ever sat through. He has some other favorites, but Beasties just helps him so much. We bring it to the docs every time we go!!

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