No, Really. Continue, Please…

Was there something in the air tonight? And why does it always have to come home to greet me.

As soon as I picked up the trips at daycare the girls started in on each other. (Happily, Theo was not noticing…for once.)

Anyhow, dinner went well. Homework went well. I even walked past Olena a few times as she was sitting on Theo’s usual seat which is, this time of year, the heating grate. And then it started.

They stick their tongues out at each other.
One pinches, or hits, the other.
The pinchee runs to the chosen parent (that’d be me) to tell.
The whining, crying, yelling…

I try to stay out of it and yet, they… pull. me. in.

So, I took the two into the kitchen and laid down the law.

Hands to your self. At your sides. No pinching.

Hey, missy (Gretchen) why are you making that face at me?

And you, Olena, keep your mouth closed.

Gretchen? Why are you making that face?!

I have had it with the fighting.

Gretchen, do you always make that face when someone talks to you (slightly creeped out by it for the record).

Some more ramblings by me in between Gretchen’s nasty “I’m Listening face” and her “crying” (which wasn’t real since there was no tears)… and I just gave up.

So, did it work? Nah. 10 minutes of me laying down the rules and Gretchen screaming and crying.

Family bonding at it’s best…

until next time. I’m going to watch some Archer now. LAAAAAAAAAAAANAAAAAAAAAaaahhhhhhhhh


One thought on “No, Really. Continue, Please…

  1. I was wondering if I should officially change my name from “mom” to “quit it, stop doing that, knock it off!” It would sure save me a lot of words. 😉

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