Posted in February 2015

First Crush? Or just really good kid?

The other day when I dropped the trio off at daycare I helped Theo out of his layers (God forbid no one helps The Boss out of his winter hat, gloves, boots, scarf and jacket immediately?!!) as most of the teachers were busy helping other kids and getting breakfast ready. That’s when I saw a … Continue reading

Dental Bonding — It’s All Good

Teeth. Let me tell you, I’ve had it with you. But, now, it’s my teeth that are causing problems. Years of grinding unknowingly (since high school — anxiety? Duh) and even with a mouth guard at night (again, since high school) is doing a number of my “mother of pearls.” As a mom of triplicates, … Continue reading

To My Mom, Happy Birthday

Happy birthday dear mommy. Eighty-five years and you really have seen it all. You raised three children almost back to back, then welcomed another, and then when they told you your life was “changing” you welcomed me. I was the preemie then. (Boy, 4 pounds 13 ounces seems huge compared to my three, but I digress.) … Continue reading