Mysteries of Night (Or, Chronicles of Recent Illness)

The sky felt warm and the water was so blue. Tropical getaway was just what I needed. Sitting in the sand, with a wonderful adult beverage in my hand, I sipped the cool mojito to feel refreshed. Smiling, I was just doing what I needed — relaxing with a little salt water.

I just had to get into the ocean. Slowly approaching I kept on going until I could feel the water around my shoulders. Eventually I could feel the cool water on my cheek. “Go under,” I said to myself. “You need to swim in the ocean.”

But the waves were so loud. Ridiculously loud. Splashing back and forth against the sand.

Then, reality kicked in. I was not sunning myself on a beach waiting for Sam Axe to show up. I was under 3 blankets, wearing my flannel PJs, and I heard the water again.

Oh, and that water I felt? Drool. Sorry.

I unfortunately awoke from a very pleasant dream realizing that one of my kiddos was sick. It was 3 a.m. Man alive Sam Axe was right there!! (I always watched Burn Notice for Michael but always dream about Sam — true story.)

Keep Calm and Have a Mojito

Anyhoo, Gretchen, details not needed, was sick. Best I could figure after multiple trips to the loo was she either ate something that didn’t agree with her, or she had the stomach bug. During the hour or so with frequent trips to the bathroom, we did manage only to wake up Theodore who — thanks to the Melatonin gods — fell back asleep.

Me and the little sickipoo decided it would be best to go downstairs so we, um, I mean SHE could use the bathroom without interrupting everyone else’s tropical-escape dreams. We hunkered down on the couch and I learned three things in the process. Here they are in no particular order.

1) Gretchen, after losing a few hours sleep, will wake up fresh as a daisy and delightfully pleasant. Nastiness aside from the prior event, she was ready to go. Me, yeah, not much. Can I go back to the beach?

2) Despite all our efforts to have Gretchen “trained” overnight she at least was able to get to the bathroom on time. She is such a sound sleeper that a year ago we wouldn’t have been as lucky. So I was glad to see her taking care of things. (And someday she’s going to get mad at me for posting this).

3) She showed absolute calm under pressure (sorry) last night and I am so proud of how she handled things. Again, a year ago, she probably would have not only slept though the event, but would have screamed her head off.

I gotta say I am impressed. I look like I lost a fight and the couch won… but despite our setback, I’m pretty proud.

Until next time….


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