Dental Bonding — It’s All Good

Teeth. Let me tell you, I’ve had it with you.

But, now, it’s my teeth that are causing problems. Years of grinding unknowingly (since high school — anxiety? Duh) and even with a mouth guard at night (again, since high school) is doing a number of my “mother of pearls.” As a mom of triplicates, any doctors visit that could be combined with any check ups with the girlies, I do. Because, really, how many times can you drive to the dentist in a month.

To best maximize this visit, I scheduled it in the morning. Of course it took precision timing in order to get Theo to daycare early enough while dropping off the girls stuff and not alarming him that yes, he, would be the only Conrad there that morning. (Then there was the whole worry about if he’d see his van around noontime and think it was time for him to go home… but I digress).

Packed, mostly fed, thank goodness changed in clean clothes we put on our gear to head out. And, guess what, it was painfully cold and it was snowing. I know it’s February in Central New York but even I have had enough of winter (make note of this).

After a slippery cold ride where it felt like I was literally driving a block of ice, we made the Theo hand off, and headed to the dentist and made it just in time.

We get inside and only waited a few minutes before my work began. And that’s when Gretchen tests out new material.

Dentist to me: “So we won’t know if you have one or two cavities since it’s in a tricky area by your wisdom tooth.”

Gretchen “Just like Athena. Athena has wisdom teeth except she doesn’t have cavities.”

Dentist: “Did she just crack a joke?!”

Me “Yup.”


Of course, then it was Olena’s turn.

“Mom, cavities are bad.”

“Well, honey, I had my first cavity around your age then I went years without getting another. I’d say that was pretty successful. Don’t forget my teeth are older and I do drink coffee and tea, which can be bad for your teeth.”

Olena “Well, then don’t drink coffee. And, besides, your teeth are crooked.”

HOLY CATS I can’t win today.

Let’s just say, I didn’t feel bad bringing the girlies back to daycare. I don’t think they were too concerned with being dropped out. Besides, it was noon, and both of them had lunch on their minds.

Next time, I schedule my pain spa visit ALONE…

Until next time.

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