First Crush? Or just really good kid?

The other day when I dropped the trio off at daycare I helped Theo out of his layers (God forbid no one helps The Boss out of his winter hat, gloves, boots, scarf and jacket immediately?!!) as most of the teachers were busy helping other kids and getting breakfast ready.

That’s when I saw a unique exchange.

A little boy the girls had been talked about several times (all innocent mind you) stopped by Gretchen — who loves dinosaurs, to give her two TWO dinosaur skeletons (toy fossils). But, not only did he do that, he also helped her out of her boots.

My first thought, other than — wow, that’s nice, was “how is this happening with Olena not noticing?!” And Gretchen was really nonchalant during the whole exchange.

I just politely reminded Gretchen to thank the boy and I went on my way.

Later, at dinner, I asked Gretchen to tell daddy what happened to her.



“Dad they were Macy’s dinosaurs and she gave them to Colin and he then gave them  to me. I didn’t have them.”

“But I thought they were Colin’s?”

“But, mom, they were Macy’s and she gave them to him, and he gave them to me.”


I let it go for a few more minutes, then I asked about the boots.

“Gretchen, did you realize he helped you with your boots today.”

Pausing, she smiled, and just shook her head yes.

“I mean, has he done that before?’

“No, it was the first time he ever did that. (huge smile)”

“OK. So, do you ever help him with his boots?”

“No, mom, that would be weird.”


So question is, could this be the potential first crush which I am so not ready for? Or is this just a really good kid who is looking out for Gretchen (who is among the smallest of her peers at daycare).

Time will tell.

I’m still amazed Olena missed the whole exchange. Definitely was not going to point it out to her.

Until next time…

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