One of those days

I couldn’t sleep. I had a lot on my mind and I tossed and turned all night.

It’s March 2 and it’s still freezing cold in CNY (we set a record last month in case you hadn’t heard — with one great recap here and official one here). Of course, after a nightmare, the alarm went off and I could not get up.

I did get a hot shower at least.

Here’s a few other things I got wrong today:

I only wore 1 pair of stockings because, hey, it’s March!!
I made Gretchen wear a skirt over her stockings. Lady Gaga was ready to go with just the stockings. She complied but she was mad.
I did not wear my winter hat. Woops.
My coffee was able to cool on the way in this morning because it was a slippery ride.
I had to bite my tongue after someone emailed me at work, albeit sent to my home account, accusing me of not following directions.
(I actually did follow directions just that the person who emailed me did not read what I had posted. Reading is overrated.)
I ran out of spoons at work. How can there be no spoons? I had to fork my Greek yogurt.
I had auxiliary heat on in my office then got too hot I had to open the door.
And a myriad of other shenanigans that just went the wrong way today.

But here’s what I got right:
I recognized when Theo had too much. While he didn’t feed himself tonight (c’mon man!) he did assist me in bringing the spoon to his mouth.
I also gave him some space. And gave him some time to work it out.
I got in some quality time with the folks who love me for me… and I did get plenty of hugs.

And that makes everything worth it.

Until next time…

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