You, School, NOW! (OK, Tomorrow)

That’s right. Little Gretchen. You are going to school tomorrow.

I write this quick knowing I need to get to bed very soon (thanks time change for stealing my thunder).

Gretchen's "Cmon Mom?!" face

Gretchen’s reaction when I explained to her, yet again, that stockings only is NOT an option or trade-off for pants. You’re welcome ‘Stota.

Gretchen is overcoming a bout of strep. She hasn’t had strep in a while but it knocked her flat. First, we couldn’t figure out what the rolling fever was all about. She had a fever Tuesday, but was gone by Tuesday night so off to school she went Wednesday. By the time she hit daycare Wednesday they took one look at her coming off the bus an immediately called. She was running a temp, was whiter than white, and just immediately started crying.

Of course, we couldn’t get her into the docs until Thursday which meant keeping her away from the other two. And the  she complained of the “pinchy” stomach.

I really had no clue what that meant. At first I just thought her stomach was pinchy because she did not and had not eaten much.

Or, as she said, pinch-eeee.

And, yes, I’m the mom-of-the-year who thought, and even told dad out loud, that Gretchen “better be sick.”

Well, she was.

But is on the mend.

And is NOW driving everyone crazy!!

Rob suspects it’s meds. I suspect it’s because she’s been stuck in the house since Tuesday. Either way, she needs to get back to school and she needs to stop having shouting matches and making cat noises. Because, really, who wants a child who makes cat noises? We don’t even have a cat in this house anymore…

Just a little girl, who had strep, who is (was) stuck in the house.

Tomorrow, alas, it’s back to school. And, yes, it also means pants… not stockings only… on your legs.

Until next time…

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