Theo’s Autism Alphabet

Or, if I was Olena, it would be Alfabet…

The web loves lists. So, here is Theo’s Autism ABCs

A is for Apple, our go-to toy when all else fails. (Of course it’s off limits now…)

B is for Bananas, our fruit of choice. It’s the basis for many of his tasty smoothies.

C is for Communication. He has his own form of communication: grabs your hand and leads you around! But we have several Theo “signs,” we use picture communication, and we’re learning how to use our iPad to communicate.

D is for Determination. Some days we have more of this than others. That’s true for all kids.

E is for Effort. Same as above. Some days we put forth more of an effort than others.

F is for FUN because Theo, like Auntie Jean, is all about the fun.

G is for Guidance. We don’t always make the best decisions so a heaping serving of guidance is needed. Especially when we are in public and why it’s very important that special needs families use a handicap tag for their vehicle. Just an extra step to keep everyone safe.

H is for Hours… We work into activities based on minutes, minutes turn to more minutes, eventually into an we hope.

I is for Imagination. Sometimes Theo does things that seem out of the world until you really stop and see what he sees. For example, he loves looking into the shiny wooden door handles and into switch plates. Why? He sees his handsome reflection!

J is for Journey. We have been on this journey since 2007, and the autism journey a few years after birth. It does get a bit easier. You, as a parent, also get a heck of a lot faster at recognizing the “what ifs.”

L is for Laughter. Olena has a great laugh. Gretchen snorts occasionally. But a Theo laugh is genuine and hearty, and so priceless.

M is for Melatonin. LIGHTS OUT. THANK YOU!

N is for Name. I always thought the Theodore I’d be writing about would be my dad. Instead, it’s my son.

O is for Oral…sensitivities. We are big fans of smoothies, yogurt melts and juice. We are trying to successfully consume a pretzel at school, Of course, at home, it’s the wall, window, wood… (And chewy sticks are necessary.)

P is for Physicians. Behind the home team is an incredible list of local physicians. And some we’ve dropped along the way for the better. Moms & dads take note: there is NO REASON to stay with a physician who doesn’t listen to you. They don’t live with your child — you do. Trust your gut. Find a physician that works with you.

Q is for Quiet. Sometimes I miss it. Sometimes it’s way too quiet. Sometimes that quiet, especially during the day, means something has gone terribly wrong.

R is for Redo. First you try. Then you redo. And you keep on trying until you find something that fits.

S is for Sisters. Theo has the best…

T is for Time. It takes time to reach goals but as long as you are progressing, who cares how long it takes.

U is for Unconditional. Love.

V is for Victories — celebrate them.

W is for Weather. For a non-verbal kid my son is more accurate than a Doppler radar!

X is for X-ray. If your kid happens to hit his head, and he has a huge bump, and it’s a recurring problem, get an X-ray. Preferably without a 10-hour ER visit on a Friday night.

Y is for Yin and Yang. Sometimes you just have to go with it…

Z is for Zoo. Our life is sometimes just like one but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Until next time…

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