Then, There’s These Two

trioconrads I must admit, I do tend to tell my friends about every little thing that Theo does. Not because it’s earth-shattering, but, as a special needs parent when your kid does something spectacular you like to shout it from the mountain.

Well, he’s got two pretty smart sisters who should also be praised for all that they are doing.

Today was THE parent-teacher conference day at Canastota and Theo’s sisters were up. Dad and I were able to sit down with both teachers.

It’s odd to pull up to an elementary school seeing no kids, but the faces of parents and guardians who, like you, are wondering how their kids are doing. Not that we were worried about the girls but, sometimes, the teacher catches on to things you may not notice at home although I’m quite sure my social climber (Olena) and social worker (Gretchen, thanks Aunt Janet) are well-behaved at school and daycare while at home at times they get a little testy…which is why I hid in the laundry room tonight.

Anyhow… the conferences were running late. So Rob and I read the class’s spring Haikus, analyzed Olena’s sunflower drawing complete with Snoopy running away from a rotund garter snake which looked more like a fish. Miss Torres was up first.

And, guess what? She had no concerns about Olena. Really. Since she took over the class in January she really just wanted to meet us. I did ask about Olena’s spelling but she pretty much confirmed my thoughts: that Olena knows how to spell, she just is too busy to spell correctly.

Sounds just like me.

Next, Mrs. Malbouf for Miss Gretchen. Her only concern? Gretchen seems to have her head down in her desk, or her nose in a book, when she should be paying attention.bdcake2015

Both girls doing well. Doing great! And if the worst thing you have to hear about in second grade is your kid reads too many books, well, I’ll take it.

Well done girls. Well done. You always make us so proud.

Until next time…


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