Then, there was this video

Theo’s been having a rough few days. He managed to shake the strep he got…but its in between weather seasons here in CNY and although today and yesterday were perfect spring days…some times it looks lovely out, but it’s not. Or it’s windy. Or it’s rainy. Or the wind is going one way only. Or, sometimes, who knows…

It gets to him.

Anyhow, Sunday we spent a good portion of the afternoon celebrating Easter at my mom, Grandma Millie’s house. It’s an event filled with family, and the unmistakable smells of an Easter Feast which can be so overwhelming — hard-boiled eggs anyone? Borscht? HAM?

He did great but clearly wanted to leave just as his sisters were beginning the Easter Egg hunt. When we went outside and he realized we weren’t leaving… he ran to the back of my mother’s house and started banged his wrists on her back door — hard! Which, I must admit, made a peculiar noise but he wasn’t doing this for the acoustics. And when I tried to intervene, he started to hit his head.

OK I get it. I do. Calm down. We’ll get you in the car, get The Police going, and round-up your sisters. So hold on tight because getting those two to move is like herding cats. (By the way, they made out like bandits with the candy. Hooray for the Easter Bunny tax, because this way I get some too!!)

By the time we got home Theo was better, but wanted to go outside, then inside, then outside…etc. We ended up having another 2 meltdowns. Considering only one required the soft helmet intervention, it wasn’t a bad day.

And just when you think your kid is in one of those funky patterns (it’s too early to tell if a pattern is forming, it’s only been one day) an AMAZING video from someone you have never met but have shared stories with online, helps capture the things that mean the most. Theo, for the most part, is one happy little dude. This video, captures that…as well as highlighting several other happy “auties” on film! I adore it. That smile. He certainly knows how to work it.

I love you kiddo. As I told you yesterday, no matter what, I love you to the moon and back.

Until next time…

THANK YOU TO Conversations with Casey, Monkey Business & It’s a Mad, Dad World for including Theodore and his dad in the clip. Do yourself a favor and go follow Casey.


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