Blessings are Everywhere

Sometimes you don’t know it, especially when you’re having a hard time, but someone is always watching out for you…

After a particularly rough few days last week, Saturday morning saw Theo away at group respite, and the morning free for me and the girls. It was beautiful and I wanted to walk to Dunn’s Bakery which is just down the road. They, instead, insisted on shopping for new sneakers.

OK. Let’s get ready and get in the car.

Well, they protested and couldn’t understand why we couldn’t walk, get our doughnuts, get home and THEN take the car out to drive to the store and go shopping…

I very calmly told them I was not going to spend all day driving all over Oneida and Madison counties following our doughnut walk to get them shoes (at Target they insisted… where Olena ultimately has a breakdown each time because she cannot find sneakers with laces, or sneakers that are too plain, or xyz…)

Anyhow, my original idea blown apart, we finally got our act together and drove over to Dunn’s…

There was a line. I must have looked pretty flustered when one of the Dunn’s regulars, who the staff knew by name, noticed us. As I went over to get my coffee (which was excellent by the way) he turned, reached into his pocket, and pulled out its contents…Receipts, a few tissues, papers, and as he started to sort through the contents he located some dollars. He paused, smiled at Olena and Gretchen, and said “I would like to give you each a dollar for a doughnut. Who can resist those smiles? Enjoy your doughnut.”

The girls, looked to me, and looked at him… and he looked at me to see if it was ok.

When our eyes met, I couldn’t say a thing, I just started to cry and I tried to say thank you… and he patted each girl on the head (just like my dad would have)…and he just smiled back and winked. And his attention quickly turned to the next little kid in line.

It was a sweet gesture, which made the doughnuts even more special. It underscores the fact that you never know where life may take you, and sometimes the road is rough, but there’s always someone or something that makes it all worth it. It was a small gesture I will never forget.

Until next time…

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