Posted in May 2015

I am … anxious

I am anxious. I admit it. There it is for all the world to see. Anxiety is awful. It robs you from what you should be happy for, celebrating for, enjoying…when your mind immediately leaps to the worst-case-scenario it’s absolutely downright awful. Anxiety hurts. This weekend, when everything seemed to be going haywire thanks to … Continue reading

#ThanksDave #MLiTriplicate TOP TEN

My Life in Triplicate’s TOP TEN THINGS THIS TRIPLET MOMS SAYS 10: When I wished for a child, I wished for one. My husband wished for two. God laughed. 9. The next person to say “It goes by so fast” gets either a throat punch, or a call at 3 am when it’s NOT going by … Continue reading

My Gretchen: Miss Adventure

Saturday was a big day, and night, for one Miss Adventure… and she couldn’t wait to get going! While both girls were invited, only Gretchen, after a long night of cheering on her cousin Justyna (who was running at the Oneida Invitational for Whitesboro Track & Field), was game for her FIRST SLEEPOVER!!  As soon … Continue reading

Soapbox: Running And Pain Posts

*Drags box across floor, stands on top… I am a runner. There, I said it. I basically have been running for as long as I can remember. My first official “Turkey Trot” I completed in a pair of Mary Janes. That was elementary school. During my early running career all you really needed was a pair of sneakers … Continue reading

More Than a Race

Back in December, when I purchased my winter running gear at Fleet Feet Syracuse, the staff member talked about how he biked and that the gear I selected often kept him warm on the coldest of days. During the conversation I mentioned I ran, but my husband rode, he interrupted me to tell me about … Continue reading

To The Nurse Who Made Me Cry

It was nurses week recently and I am forever grateful to the many we have met along the way. One thing about being a NICU mom, then a NICU alumni, you know that the doctors are good for updates, but those nurses are in the trenches with you and they are the ones who will … Continue reading

Weekend Successes

“You Never Know Until you Try.” In our autism household, that’s our motto. And that’s usually followed by a plan b, extra provisions, exit strategies, deep breathing, lots of reassurance, wearing bright colors, pre-dialing others who may assist, LOTS of deep breathing… I kid. Only slightly. We have discovered that Theodore generally likes to venture … Continue reading

Dearest Carload of Boys:

You are so lucky you didn’t have to deal with me today dear carload of boys. It’s been a long, long winter here in Central New York. A joy ride in the warm spring air with the windows down is something we all should indulge in. And a carload of boys riding around CNY, sure, … Continue reading