Dearest Carload of Boys:

You are so lucky you didn’t have to deal with me today dear carload of boys.

It’s been a long, long winter here in Central New York. A joy ride in the warm spring air with the windows down is something we all should indulge in. And a carload of boys riding around CNY, sure, you should go and have fun.

While Theodore was out on his daily walk with Miss Sally, his respite aide, he was enjoying his new favorite spot: the CSX bridge over Main Street. We walk back and forth…well, he walks back and forth underneath the bridge, checking every crevice, every mark in the concrete, examining every beam in the bridge’s underbelly…

And that’s when you decide it’d be fun to lay on the horn while he is in his new favorite place doing his thing.

Not once, but twice. And laugh in his direction.

And it’s loud under that bridge. And you made him cry. Cry.

Once, I would have let it go. But to do it to the point of tears… that’s just sad.

He wasn’t hurting you.

He wasn’t even paying attention to you,.

And, yet, you decided to bother him.

For that split-second, and the walk back home, he carried that with him. And he came home in full meltdown mode.

Thanks much.

But, good thing is, he has a family who accepts him for who he is.

A family who told him it’s OK. That he is OK.

A family, and a respite aide, who want nothing but Theo to feel like, well, Theo.

Happy. Bubbly, little boy.

And we won because you cannot take that away from us.

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Dearest Carload of Boys:

  1. Sweet Theo just minding his own business, exploring his world and enjoying his walk. I hope this won’t cause him to be afraid to go under the bridge on future walks.

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