Weekend Successes

“You Never Know Until you Try.”

In our autism household, that’s our motto.

And that’s usually followed by a plan b, extra provisions, exit strategies, deep breathing, lots of reassurance, wearing bright colors, pre-dialing others who may assist, LOTS of deep breathing…

I kid. Only slightly.

We have discovered that Theodore generally likes to venture out during the day. Anything past 5 p.m., his witching hour which generally lasts until bed time, and things, well, get complicated. But, good news is kiddos, he’s WILLING to do more. Actually showing interest in being with his sisters.

Now, we’re not talking big giant adventures. We’re talking about simple trips to the grocery store. Something most families don’t even think twice about… (I actually remember being out at Price Chopper once when someone who clearly just had a newborn, was walking through the store with them. I thought she was nuts because of all the germs she’d run into… but I digress.)

But this weekend, while Sally was with us (Sally is Theo’s respite aide)…we were going to go to the store with the girls to pick up a few things.

Well, Theo, insisted he go too. He stood in front of “his” door at the van. And wouldn’t move. So I turned to Sally, and said, wanna go to Tops?


OK. No plan B. But we’ll see how we do and take our time…

And, wouldn’t you know it, we survived not only shopping but we survived standing in line to check out. Of course he tapped everything in his way…the cart, the candy, the conveyor belt, etc…

But we did it! And we also:

* Attended the girls’ baseball game (of course it was almost over by then, but we did it)

* Went to the girls’ playdate’s house which was filled with children and a dog we had never met.

* Managed to power through some nasty allergies with only over-the-counter meds.

* Enjoyed a trip to ZEMS together on Sunday night, capping a great weekend.

All it all it was a great time.

And I couldn’t be prouder of all Theo had to power though.

Until next time.


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